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The National Council of Water Resources assigned to ANA the responsibility for drawing up the State of Water Resources in Brazil - Report systematically and periodically. The publication is designed to be an instrument for the evaluation of the degree of implementation of the National Plan for Water Resources (PNRH) and the National Policy of Water Resources and to guide the revisions and updates of PNRH. The material is published with quadrennial periodicity (Report) and annual (Yearbooks).

The Report presents the economic balance in the past four years in the industry. The Information reports is intended for providing updated information in the Yearbooks of the interval between its edits and has as its objective to evaluate the changes relating to the previous year. The first version of the Report was released in 2009. Between 2010 and 2012, the Agency has produced the annual reports. In 2013, ANA provides for the launch of a new Situational Report, starting a new cycle of Information Reports, which will be made between 2014 and 2016.

National Water Resources Information System (SNIRH)

The National Water Resources Information System (SNIRH) is one of the management instruments of the National Policy of Water Resources, established by Law nº. 9.433/1997.

This instrument is intended to: gather, give consistency, share data and information about the qualitative and quantitative status of water resources in Brazil, permanently update the information on the availability and demand of water resources, in addition to provide inputs for the elaboration of Water Resources Plans.

In order to achieve these purposes, SNIRH comprises computer subsystems, integrated database, computer infrastructure, integrational platform and human and organizational resources.

The National Water Agency (ANA), in compliance with the principles, purposes and guidelines of the National Policy of Water Resources, is responsible for organizing, implementing and managing the SNIRH (article 4, paragraph 14 of Law nº. 9.984/200).